Mamma Robin…and a lucky place for her nest!

Mamma tends her nest.

Mamma tends her nest.

I have not participated in a photo challenge in a while. This…I couldn’t resist! UP is the subject matter.

I opened the garage door one day last week and a small bunch of straw and debris fell on my head.When I looked up…this nest is what I discovered! We have been watching this Mamma Robin and her nest since then. We are hoping that all goes well for her and her little ones! This Mamma built her nest above the door of one of the barns here on the property. It is at the top of the rail that the barn door (aka the garage door) slides back and forth on. It is a very precarious place for her to be. We are being so careful and gentle when we do have to open the door. This poor Mamma gets so upset when we have to be anywhere near…taking care of the yard, walking the dogs or going in and out of the barn. Poor Mamma!

My thoughts…

Mamma’s Nest

 It happened one day…while we were away,

Mamma Robin built her nest.

I am concerned, little Mamma,

About your choice…

It seems unstable, fragile, subject to circumstance.

 With every uninvited movement, unsettling noise…

Mamma bird flees the nest.


She frets…

At every thing that seems a threat!

But she returns and waits…

As do we!


How often we build our nest…

Home for our families, uncertain of the foundation,

Hopeful of the outcome; our parental mission…

We anticipate and desire only the best;

No matter…our surroundings, circumstantial things;

We pray for shelter, provision…

Courage and strength in our little ones’ wings,

A bright and promising future,

Fulfillment of their dreams.


As I watch Mamma Robin, ever near;

Always watching, protecting, she frets…

I think of my own worry, fear,

Wonder, regrets!

Did I do everything…

To give my children the best?


When every stick and straw has blown away…

Will they still remember the nest?

Will they remember comfort and shelter?

Will they remember my watchful eye?

Will they know that they were pushed gently…


To learn, on their own…how to fly?

Another view…

A Lucky Home!

A Lucky Home!

Perhaps this little Mamma Robin thought this had to be …

the luckiest place on earth!

It has to be…there is a horse shoe!

Until we meet again…

Wishing you good luck for YOUR home!

Happy Trails!


The Empty Nester's!

(The Empty Nester)


FUNERAL POTATOES (aka Nauvoo Potatoes)…and we call them ‘HAPPY POTATOES’!

Announcing the death of ‘funeral potatoes’….we now call them ‘happy tators’!

"Happy Tators"

“Happy Tators”

I have been absent for a while…at least not posting much here at Home and The Range. I was beginning to think my  job may be the death of me…I mean my blog! I truly miss this little blog when I’m away!  Home and The Range is my journal of the people, places and things that I love.

Speaking of people that I love…

I had opportunity, a couple of months ago, to spend time with some of my loved ones that live out West. It was a wonderful time! Three of my children (and my daughter’s fiance’) made the trip from Arizona to Utah to visit with me and all of our family there. There was much to celebrate! Dad just turned 83, Dustin (our hero…still battling through his Muscular Dystrophy) just turned 30, Waylon just turned 5, Darryl just turned 53 and one of my daughters is newly engaged.

A few highlights from Home…where family gathers!

And from the Range … some food that we love!

A grand meal shared with loved ones that included funeral potatoes!

"Happy Tators"

“Happy Tators”

This is a popular dish in Utah. I love these creamy, cheesy delicious potatoes! A few years ago my youngest daughter suggested we name this delicious dish ‘happy potatoes’ because funeral potatoes sounds a bit depressing. So we now call them ‘happy potatoes…or happy tators’!

They have been so named ‘funeral potatoes’ because they are often made for the dinner provided for a family following a funeral. The Relief Society in the LDS Church provides the comfort of a home cooked meal for family and close friends in attendance of a funeral. The name ‘Nauvoo Potatoes’ has to do with the history of the LDS Church and Nauvoo, Illinois.

My sister made the ‘happy potatoes’ for our get-together in Utah and I was reminded of how much I love them.  I made them when I got back home to Kentucky as part of our Easter meal. I’m bringing the West and Southwest…to The South!

The green onion adds to the unique flavor of this dish and the crunchy corn flake topping makes this recipe…tops!

There are a few versions of this dish on the internet but I LOVE this recipe that my sister and I use (she gave me the recipe several years ago).

If you would like to try the recipe that my sister and I use …select the following link:

Until we meet again…

Wishing you the blessings of home, family…and maybe some ‘Happy Tators’.

Happy Trails!


Find joy in the journey