How to ‘Tie One On’ (or two or three)….fleece tie blankets, that is!

Silver White Winters….

and comforters (blankets) for comfort!

March 2015 050

Wow! One week ago we had over a foot of snow. Today, there is no snow and Spring-like weather!

Winter gave me some good hobbies. Making some cozy comforters to provide winter comfort for my loved ones!

First was the blanket for Dad. Something to give him comfort as he sits in his recliner each evening, missing Mom.

Hey...somebody put the afghan over Dd!

Hey…somebody put the afghan over Dad! It’s…on the chair!

I love making crochet afghans! I browse online and through pattern books for new patterns but I still love some of the old standards that are tried and true! The chevron pattern is a favorite. I like the ‘design as you go’ color combinations that you can create from leftover yarn. For this afghan that I made for Dad I came up with a simple crochet chain edging instead of the tassels that you would usually do for the edging. It makes a clean and simple…fuss free, no fuzzy tassels in your face finish!

And my daughter enjoyed the blanket too…

What.....??? Grandpa said I could sit here...and eat here...and use his blanket! :)

What…..??? Grandpa said I could sit here…and eat here…and use his blanket! 🙂

Chain Edge

Chain Edge

draped afghan detail

A nice simple finish.

Comfy and Cozy...for Dad!

Comfy and Cozy…for Dad (and Amanda)!

Okay…so you may be wondering…did somebody pull the fleece over my eyes…or wasn’t this post about fleece tie blankets?

Ah…yes…it is!

One Fleece Blanket

One Fleece Blanket

And another fleece blanket...

And another fleece blanket…

And…there were more. I think I made 6 fleece tie blankets. The blankets for the grandkids were the cutest…and no pictures of those!

One of the greatest little tools, ever, made cutting the fringe SO MUCH EASIER! I made a couple of blankets without this handy dandy little tool…and it was very time intensive and back breaking! If you ever make one of these blankets you’ll want to have this tool. I got mine at Hancock Fabrics.

Fringe Cut Express Tool

Fringe Cut Express Tool…life simplified!

Fall and winter 2014-2015 256

This tool + a rotary cutter will make this project quick, precise and easy!

Once you have all of the fringe cut you simply tie the front and the back layers together. Tied right you’ll have each side showing fringe from the opposite side…a nice look (see above).

So now that our Silver White Winter is melting to Spring…time to pack up the blankets and get on with Spring!

With Spring approaching I’ll get back to work on some of my art projects…like this pastel painting…my boys. I saw a picture, in a magazine, of three boys in a field of flowers. It warmed my heart and I loved it so much! It reminded me of Spring, my boys…and now my grandsons. So…Spring brings opportunity for me to finish this up. I will pass it along to my daughter one day.

Brothers 001

Brothers Three…by Victoria

I have been thinking of all that brings me comfort. For me…there is great comfort in creating something for my loved ones to enjoy…and loved ones…that is comfort all by itself. To be blessed with wonderful parents, family, children, grandchildren, spouse and extended family…I am truly blessed! What great comfort that brings!

Until we meet again…

Wishing you…

The promise of Spring,

The comfort of home and family…

All that warms your heart!



Homage to my Danish heritage…Danish Hearts and Cinnamon Rolls!

Stay funny Valentine…stay…

As the song says…

‘Each day is Valentine’s Day!’

Danish Hearts

Danish Hearts

So…even though Valentine’s Day has come and gone…I am posting some of my favorite things that I made for this Valentine’s Day. 🙂

I had some challenges with my new laptop and photo program and was unable to get it all worked out by Valentine’s Day.

But…every day is a good day to express love and make goodies, right?

I have been so intrigued with my heritage (both French and Danish) and have been exploring recipes and traditions from France and Denmark (see last post…French Cookies).

About a year ago, or so, I came across the Danish Heart. I love them! These hearts are traditionally made at Christmas time. Children make them out of paper and they are hung on the Christmas tree. I happen to think they are suitable for Valentine’s Day as well. The heart is woven together with just two pieces of paper (or fabric) and creates a basket that can be used for a piece of candy or a little trinket.

I made mine from fabric. To make them more sturdy I first tried fabric stiffener and found the best result from using an iron on facing. To reinforce the structure I sewed the sides together at the top and reinforced just on one side on the bottom. Then I attached some ribbon and embellished with buttons or tiny roses.

"Heart Felt Greetings"

“Heart Felt Greetings”

I love Valentine’s Day! Love should be expressed every day…but it is one of those times we can make it seem even more special. It just makes saying…

“I Love You”…a little bit sweeter!

And, of course, making something sweet for someone sweet…makes it even better! So…bring on the Cinnamon Rolls! I know…Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a day for chocolate, right? Well…we had that too but the weekend before Valentine’s Day…Poppy helped me try out a new recipe for Cinnamon Rolls.

Yep…we had a week of Valentine’s treats! See…there are so many reasons to love the celebration of love!

Cinnamon Roll...Love!

Cinnamon Roll…Love!

I have been a lover of Cinnamon Rolls…forever! And…I have tried many recipes.  I am told that my Danish Grandmother made some pretty fantastic Cinnamon Rolls. Sure wish I had her recipe! I found this one in my Southern Living Homestyle Cookbook….and it is definitely a keeper!

My husband (Poppy)gave me a hand with these because I had sore, cracked fingers from this frigid Kentucky weather. He was needed for the kneading!. He did a great job! The rolls turned out to be tender and delicious!

'Cake Like' frosted goodness!

‘Cake Like’ frosted goodness!

Such simple things…make me smile!

The comforts of Home…nothing better!

Here is a link that will take you to the recipe for some of the best Cinnamon Rolls..ever!…

‘Til we meet again…

Wishing you a happy heart each and every day…

 filled with tender moments, sweet treats,

the comforts of home to make you smile… 

And forever love!



Poppy...rollin' in the dough!

Poppy…rollin’ in the dough!

Weekly Photo Challenge…Be a Doll and get this project finished, will ya?

The subject of this week’s photo challenge….CREATE!

The photo can be a picture of you or someone else….creating something….or something that you or they have created. So…how about something that I created…creating?

Miss Raggedy…tries her hand at crochet! Nice job!

I am a person that always has many irons in the fire. So many ideas, so many things I want to make…and, sorry to say (maybe I have Attention Deficit Disorder?)….in my excitement for the project and anticipation of what the end result might be…I start projects that don’t get finished right away.

Have you ever said….Those projects aren’t going to finish themselves….are they?


Miss Raggedy….and Mr. Bald Andy!

Maybe Miss Raggedy can help me get hair on Mr. ‘Bald’ Andy’s head…and some clothes maybe?

I made a Raggedy Ann and Andy for my sister for her birthday one year. I started another set, thinking that maybe one of my Granddaughters or Daughters might like to have them. But they have not had any attention in a while.

I guess I was thinking about them today because it is my sister’s birthday!

Happy Birthday Deb!

(aka Debaroo)!

This is a lovely gift that Debaroo created for me years back….

Simply stated…sweetly created!

My thoughts about this challenge…

Of all the things that we can create in this lifetime…

creating those relationships that last forever…is worth the time and should never be put aside…for later!

Wishing you a day full of the blessings of creativity…yours or someone else’s…

and the joy of creating loving and lasting relationships!

Happy Trails…

’til we meet again!


More from the ‘Oats and Crafts’ Week….some quick crochet projects!

To finish up the ‘Oats and Crafts’ for the week….

Crochet Projects

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love making crochet afghans and baby blankets. There is great reward in looking at your final work…especially when it is made as a gift. I look forward to the ‘giving’ and I’m always hopeful that the receiver will enjoy having the blankie or afghan to warm them on a rainy afternoon or in the cool of the night during the winter months. But…those do require an investment of time and I find it difficult to work on those projects when the weather is warmer. As that ever-growing cover…covers my lap as I crochet…I get a bit warm and have to set it aside for a while! So….the smaller projects are good for warmer months. It is just nice to have a quick project to work  on. A project that you can just whip up …get ‘er done…and enjoy! Over the past month, or so, I have made some really quick little gifts.

I recently came across some crochet ponytail holders and thought I’d give those a try.  They are very easy to make.

Easy to make…’pony’s’!

I think I’ll add some beads to the next little ‘pony’s’.

And I’ve been making some little crochet, beaded bracelets.

A beaded ‘Princess Bracelet’…for Rylee!

Kiara showing off her caterpillar and sporting her ‘Princess Bracelet’!

I changed the design on these a bit! I found a button-hole loop to be not as sturdy as I’d like it to be. The design change…crochet a ‘button hole’ instead. The bracelet that Kiara is wearing in the above picture….was the ‘re-design’ version and definitely more sturdy for an active little ‘Princess’….catching caterpilllars and such all day long!

And….for Mom…I made some little lined mini bags for her to put in her purse (for those little miscellaneous items that reside  at the bottom of a purse). To make them…I  made a rectangle…changing direction at the end of the piece and adding scallops to make the flap. Then…I added a piece of matching fabric for the lining and for the closure I added snaps. To embellish…a crochet flower, sewn onto the front of the bag.

Mini bags…for Mom!

I think I better make some of these for my own purse! Weekend project….number 10?

I have been inspired by some other crafty people this week…and I’ve got some new projects in mind. Once I get to them…

I shall, of course, give credit for the inspiration to those that evoked such creativity!

I’ll keep you posted! I hope these quick and simple projects inspired you in some way!

Stay tuned for more  Oats of the ‘Oats and Crafts ‘ week….some great Oatmeal Cookie Bars (Poppy’s favorite)!

So until then…..

Wishing you a day…simply blessed….

and Happy Trails!