Seasons….of Love! A Celebration of Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes!

The past week, for me, has been a time of reflection and gratitude. A time to look back over the past year,

a Celebration of a Season of Love!

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We don’t always realize how much prayer can affect our lives.

Even when we are too weak to pray….

there is power in the prayers offered in our behalf.

I know this! I have seen it in my life!

One year ago….my Grandson battled for his life….in a coma….

while all of us that love him….prayed.

Eleven days in a coma! No one….ever….gave up!

It was a powerful experience!

God does answer our prayers….and when we don’t have the strength

or ability to pray for ourselves…He is still there with us…

answering the prayers of those who love us enough…

to keep praying…and never give up on us!

While remembering this life changing event….

I thought of many people that I know…with their struggles…

and how their lives might change…if there were enough prayers offered in their behalf!

We should always remember to pray for those that may not believe,

that may be lost,

that may be hardened by life experiences.

Continue to pray….and pray some more! Never….give up!

Do you know someone…in need of prayer?

Offer it up…with love in your heart.

Let God work in their life…through you!

Let the coming year be a Season Of Love….

Miracles do happen!

How would I measure….the past year….the past Season?

Seasons of Love ( abbreviated…from the play…Rent)

Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand

Six Hundred Minutes

Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand

Moments So Dear…

Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand

Six Hundred Minutes

How Do You Measure – Measure a Year?

In Daylights – In Sunsets,

In Midnights – In Cups of Coffee,

In Inches – In Miles,

In Laughter – In Strife,

In – Five hundred Twenty-Five Thousand

Six Hundred Minutes

How do you Measure…

A Year?

How About Love?

Measure in Love,

Seasons of Love!

……Journeys to Plan,

The Truths that You’ve Learned,

The Times that You’ve Cried,

The Bridges Burned…

Time now….To Sing Out…

The Story Never Ends,

Let’s Celebrate!

Remember a Year in The Life Of Friends,

Remember in Love….

Measure in Love!

Wishing you blessings….beyond measure!

Wishing you a Season Of Love and Celebration…

Never….Ever….Give Up!

Happy Trails….

‘Til We Meet Again!



A Home and The Range Update….Mom ‘N Poppy’s Log, Silver Wings!

I’ve been away for a couple of weeks….and I’m back to my Kentucky home.

This post is a snapshot of my trip back to my ‘Utah Home’ (I also have an ‘Arizona Home’) and some notes about family…and blessings.

My Brothers, Sister and Brother-In-Law, some of their family and my Parents live at my old stomping grounds in Utah.

Utah Home…just below Horseshoe Mountain.

The trip…

My Sister had a hysterectomy and I was there to help during her recovery.

My Sister…

I call my Sister ‘Debaroo’ because she has a lot to carry around in her pouch! She has two boys that have Muscular Dystrophy and she has been raising three Grandchildren…a bit much to handle after surgery. I am so thankful I was there to lighten the load so that Debaroo could focus on healing and recovery. It was a blessing to me… spending time with family. Surgery and recovery went well.

About those Nephews of mine….

They are amazing! They have both outlived their life expectancy…something I attribute to the love and care of their Parents, Family and to their attitude, faith and loving spirit. They are such a blessing to our Family!

Dustin had been on oxygen for the past month…following an episode of pneumonia. It was quite probable that he would be on oxygen for the remainder of his life. Once again…he has amazed us and he is no longer on oxygen! That was a wonderful day!

Little Tommy….so happy that Uncle Dustin no longer has the oxygen tank!

Dad and Mom …

Still sewing…at 82 years of age!

Mom loves keeping up the yard and making it look spiffy!

Both of my Parents have had life threatening illnesses and conditions over the past couple of years. It was a blessing to see them both being active and doing well.

Some nice surprises…

I had a birthday while I was away. Dad and Mom brought cake up to my Sister’s home and Dad made his famous, scrumptious homemade ice cream for me. YUM!

They call me ‘Aunt Vickie’ in those parts!

I don’t always get to see both of my Brothers while I am in Utah so it was great to be able to see them both on this trip.  I also got to see a Nephew that I haven’t seen in several years…Damian. He is a Border Patrol Agent in Arizona and we don’t see him very often. We were all excited to see him walk up the sidewalk…a very nice surprise!

Damian and some of the ‘Wild Bunch’.

It was wonderful to spend time with my ‘Utah’ Family.

Here are some shared and special moments…

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Tuesday, June 5th…

My last day in Utah…sad goodbye’s. At the same time…we thought of the song ‘Silver Wings’…started to sing it…and started to cry. We are such softies…geeze! Goodbyes are always difficult…when you love someone so much! I boarded the plane…looked out at the wing…well, I guess you know the rest of the story!

Silver Wings….shining in the sunlight….roaring engines….are taking me away, leaving me lonely….

Only until next time…and then those Silver Wings…will bring me back!

Silver Wings

Happy Trails….’til we meet again!

Beautiful Blogger Award! I am honored!

I just received my first award and I am thrilled!

At times I wonder, as a lot of newbie bloggers might also, whether my thoughts, expressed in a post, are adding to anybody’s day. My intention and purpose is to share my journey and hopefully inspire or cheer someone’s path along the way. If I have done that…I am blessed! I am also blessed to find such a great network of sharing and inspiration through this blog world.

It is a great honor to be nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award! A very special thank you to Faith at for the nomination and her comments on ” Do We Have Our Ducks In A Row?” post, which was an expression of gratitude for my Mother. Now I know that some of this does touch others and I am thankful.  I have been inspired by Faith’s posts and I follow her blog. Please take a journey over to her blog.

The Beautiful Blogger Award is given for creativity, originality, and contribution to the blogging community. Per the award guidelines, I will list seven random things about myself, and list seven blogs that I am nominating  for the Beautiful Blogger Award, which I am also honored to do.

Seven things…about me:

I am a Baby Boomer.

My favorite movie is “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

I believe in the power of prayer.

I wish I had all of my kids and grand kids, parents and all the family I left out West…nearby.

I have two Jack Russell’s and  a Chow/Shepherd mix.

I love feeding people.

I love rain.

Seven Beautiful Blogs that I nominate:

What Andy Sees

Pausing To Praise

Wai Yuk Kennedy

Lady Romp

A Hundred Years Ago

Diary of a Mad Crafter

Even a Girl Like Me ht

Please stop in and visit these blogs. I think you will find some great talent and inspiration…as I have!

I am grateful for all of you that read my blog. I look forward to the continued journey with all of you!

Wishing you a day that is blessed simply…and simply blessed!

Happy trails…

Until we meet again!