It’s Bourbon Appreciation Month! A great time to post a recipe share with my Aunt B! Bourbon Pecan Bars…yum huh!

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone…. sunflowers

ok…I know, I know, I know…maybe you didn’t miss me that much but I missed being here! I love that song! Have you ever counted how many I know, I know, I know’s there are in that song?

If you enjoy that song like I do…you can give a listen here…

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Summer is over, fall has arrived and…

It is Bourbon Appreciation Month here in Kentucky (and it’s almost over)! I don’t drink bourbon but I sure do love baking and cooking with it! One of my favorite recipes made with bourbon is a crazy buttermilk bourbon sauce to use on bread pudding or ice cream. It is soooo good…I always want to drink it! So…maybe I do like to ‘hit the sauce’!  I will do a post, later on, of a mean orange, cranberry bread pudding with that wonderful sauce! Meanwhile, before the month is over, I thought…what a great time to get back on the blog block and share a recipe that my Aunt B and I enjoyed together…across the miles!

Aunt B (a Southwestern Southern Belle) loves baking and searching recipes like I do. She sent me a recipe that she found, similar to the ‘Derby Day Brownie Pie’ that I made a few years ago.

Very Tasty Pie!

The recipe that Aunt B sent was from Paula Deen’s site and was in the form of a bar instead of a pie. It sounded like a ‘winner’ to me! Aunt B and I got our bake on…and shared our treats via photos.

It was so fun and made me feel like I was sitting down to enjoy a treat with my dear Auntie!

The bars are delicious!

Here are some of our photos…

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Here is the link for Paula’s Derby Bars….

This recipe share sparked an idear…ok…idea…( I think I’m picking up a Southern accent) and I searched for recipe swaps online. There are several that come up but I couldn’t really tell if they are current. I also saw something about a recipe swap party on Pinterest…that has a tool….and tips on creating swaps.  Do any of you (if I have any remaining followers) participate in any online recipe swaps or know anything about the swap party on Pinterest? Please share any helpful information that you may have.


Wishing you…

Fond memories of summer…

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The splendor of fall…

Barn in the mist

And joyful I know, I know, I know, I know’s!

May you be blessed simply….

And simply blessed!


My favorite barn..sweet!

Can anyone tell me…how many I know, I know, I know’s there are? 🙂


‘Oats and Crafts’ week! Sewing…some Oats!

This week I’m ‘sewing’ some wild oats…well…you’ll see! Take a look in at…


some sew/crochet projects that I’ve been working on,

Pony tail holders.

and from

The Range…

some homemade goodies made with oats!

Homemade Granola


I want to start the week with another post about the crochet squares that are needed for Tornado victims.

Being near some of the devastation of the Tornadoes, earlier this year, I did an online search and found this little yarn shop (A Tangled Yarn) that has coordinated a great project to make Afghans for families that lost everything to Mother Nature.

To read earlier post go to…

Tornadoes…helping those in need (March 2010)

My goal was to make at least one hundred of these little 7 x 9 inch squares, to be used to make Afghans for Tornado victims.  I thought they were just for baby blankets…but they are for any type Afghan. I haven’t gotten very far…so I made a call to check on the progress of the project.

I was told that there will be a need for as many of these squares as they can collect…for quite some time. The lady that I talked to said they are trying to contribute to as many communities affected by the Tornadoes of this past Spring as possible. So…back to work on these little squares!

Crochet Squares…90 to go!

This is a wonderful way to use some leftover yarn from other crochet projects. I do enjoy doing something in the evening hours while Poppy (that’s hubby) and I are relaxing and maybe watching something on TV.  Because of the great need to help the families affected by disaster…my goal is now to do more than one hundred afghan squares. Anybody up for a challenge? I challenge any of you…with the talent to knit or crochet…to do one hundred quilt squares to donate to this worthy cause!

Here is the contact information:

A Tangled Yarn, located in Nicholas, KY

The squares need to be size 7 x 9, knit or crochet, made from acrylic, worsted yarn.

If you would like to help, or know of a knitting circle to pass this information on to, send your squares to:

A Tangled Yarn

605 N Main St

Nicholasville, KY 40356

May your day be blessed simply and simply blessed…..

with Happy Trails…’til we meet again!


Please stop by tomorrow for a great Homemade Granola recipe 🙂